I oftentimes find myself wondering where to start when I am interested in learning about a subject or adding something new into my daily routine. Whether its my intention to try out a new framework, start a book or get back in the boxing gym, there is a constant internal battle of when or how to start. I begin to overthink what it is that I want to accomplish, making the thing more intimidating than it actually is. Don’t allow your search for a good starting point hold you back from starting something today.

If you find yourself struggling to figure out where to start, remind yourself to:

  1. Think in sprints.
  2. Don't look a week ahead, look at the now.
  3. Create small, actionable to-do lists.
  4. Be precise. Generalities create larger tasks.
  5. Spend less time organizing and more time doing the thing.

Searching for a good starting point will stop you from starting at all. The best starting point is personal accountability and actionable tasks – no matter how big or small.