My first week as an apprentice at Sparkbox is in the bag and I already feel that I am learning at a much quicker pace than I was on my own. I've been working with Git regularly, began customizing my shell, gained a few pingpong skills and had my fair share of amazing food. I am excited for what the future holds.


Bouncing around from meetup to meetup in Chicago, I had always heard about dotfiles, but didn't fully understand how they were used and how important they actually are. On Thursday, Adam gave us a talk on how to begin customizing your shell and told us about the benefits of creating and storing your dotfiles.

Dotfiles are used to store application settings and preferences, aliases for commands and a lot of other cool things. I have only scratched the surface with a few aliases for now, but I am spending a good bit of time furthering my knowledge about customizing my shell. My dotfiles can be found here.


When I say pingpong is a big deal at Sparkbox, pingpong is a big deal at Sparkbox. Most games are played in two teams of 2 and get quite intense. I've played a few games of ping-volley-ball-pong, but I'm in need of a bit more practice before I will be up for a serious match.

Drew helped with my serve, which in turn helped with my over all playing capabilities. I can get extremely competitive when it comes to any type of game, so I'm sure volleypong will be no different.

The Ever So Glorious Food

I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Friday lunches are served up family style and the food is amazing. How can you top grilled chicken and steak, a baked potato bar, asparagus, salad and sweets? The catch is that we'll have to top it from here on out (we'll be assisting with Friday lunches).

Dan, Kasey and I have created a calendar where we've scheduled out our dessert and meal plan rotation, although we all plan to share Friday's duties of cooking and cleaning. I look forward to seeing what meal ideas brew from it and showing off my kitchen skills.

Closing Remarks

It's a great feeling to wake up in the morning and feel excitement for what lies ahead. Everyday before I walk into the Sparkbox office I get this feeling. I am both nervous and determined. This journey isn't for the faint of heart and I am gaining confidence the more I learn.

To keep up with my progress, read my apprenticeship journal.