Trillectro is best known for its annual music festival that fuses hip-hop and electronic music. I set out to expand Trillectro’s reach as well as serve their existing market and loyalists, showcasing all that the brand encompasses.

We started with a few small goals:

  1. Be accessible and performant for users on mobile devices.
  2. Increase visibility on the web.
  3. Grow Trillectro's audience.
  4. Easy access to event information with the ability to sort by desired location.
  5. Clean and modern design.

Content Management System Research

During the early stages of the project, I did research on Content Management Systems to provide the Trillectro team with an easy and affordable solution to manage their content. We chose to work with Craft CMS and it provided us with everything we needed – it was customizable, flexible enough to meet our unique content needs, easy to extend and has a great and supportive community.

Content Strategy & Design

I teamed up with Trillectro's Co-Founder and Creative Director Marcel Marshall to work on the content strategy throughout the redesign process. During this time, I was able to define the visual language of Trillectro's brand on the web based on the experience we wanted to deliver around their content. I used plenty of gradients and stayed true to their minimal branding and art direction.

Support & Enhancements

After a successful launch, we decided to extend the project as their team moves into festival season to feature an online store, blog and a micro-site for their annual festival. My work with Trillectro has fostered an ongoing relationship with their team to tackle all of their web needs moving forward – from support and bugfixes to feature requests and expansion.

Remote Communication

I introduced Slack to the Trillectro team in the early stages of project planning, which allows for open communication amongst us. Since we were not able to be in the same room, we sought after ways to have productive meetings and conversations. With Slack and Google Hangouts, we didn't need much luck to hold conversations with folks from Ohio, Portland, DC, Los Angeles, and NYC.

Added Bonus

As a result of Trillectro's launch, I was invited to speak at the Craftini Conference, which will be held on the world wide web on August 4-5th, 2016. Join us as I discuss Modular Templating with Craft CMS.

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