This website was originally produced over the course of several weeks during my time as an apprentice at Sparkbox. As the need for a redesign approached, I refreshed my website during #May1Reboot.


When it came to design decisions, I took a rapid-prototyping approach. CodePen is where majority of my prototyping took place – where I was able to iterate quickly to get the ball rolling fast.


This website uses two primary typefaces, Work Sans, served by Google alongside Monospace for <code> and <pre> things. Fallback fonts for Work Sans include Helvetica and system default sans-serif.

Scalable Vector Graphics

The home button for this site is an SVG and was designed in Adobe Illustrator then refined and animated on CodePen. SVGs are sprinkled throughout the site in the menu icon, work cards and whenever possible in just about every form you can implement them.



Hosting is generously provided by GitHub. I chose to use GitHub Pages because it is free, reliable, and suits my current needs.


With the redesign of my site, I moved to Hexo from Middleman. Hexo is NodeJS based and is much easier to manage than the Ruby version that I previously built.

Version Control

Version control is managed though $ git and stored in a repository on GitHub.

Universal SSL

I am using a Universal SSL in order to improve my visibility on the web. SSL for this site is provided by CloudFlare.


This site uses Google Analytics, served by CloudFlare.